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Semi-automatic machine for the assembly of nonwoven fabric mop with single fixing pin.

UNI Q is automatically fed by nonwoven fabric: the fabric spools are cut into sheets, stacked and cut again to produce the stripes in nonwoven fabric of which the mop is composed. A special device distributes the stacked stripes, placing them in a radial pattern around 360°, before the insertion of the pin and socket. The loading of pins and sockets occurs manually at each cycle.


Stripes length (mm) 550
Stripes width (mm) 40
Stripes per mop 20
Output (mops/h) 500
Maximum spool width (mm) 800
Maximum spool diameter (mm) 1200
Weight (kg) 2900
Dimensions (l x w x h, mm)
4000 5400 2100

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