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Fully automatic 4-station carrousel machine for the production of brooms and brushes.

STAR R2 combines automation, productivity and versatility, which make it the ideal solution for the production of high volumes of brooms, flat brushes, toilet brushes and dish brushes. The virgin blocks may be loaded onto the machine by conveyor belt, chain or vibrating feeder, leaving more time to the operator for other tasks. The STAR R2 is capable of delivering a big quantity of finished brushes, trimming included, thanks to the 4 workstations, each one operating simultaneously on 2 brushes. The machine is available in 2 versions: STAR R2 for brooms and flat brushes and STAR R2 BL for toilet brushes, including models with rim cleaner, and dish brushes. The change-over from toilet to dishwashing brushes is extremely fast.

  • High production volume
  • 5 axes of movement run by brushless servomotors.
  • Vibrating feeding system for higher productivity.
  • Chain feeder or conveyor feeder for higher flexibility.
  • Incorporated computer controlled trimming and flagging units.
  • Labelling unit available (optional).
Model STAR R2
Axes 5
Filling tools 2
Drills 2
Stroke (mm) 55
Speed (tufts/min) 1120
Max fiber length (mm) 230 (180 for STAR R2 BL)
Min fiber length (mm) 40
Max filling tool (mm) 7.5
Min filling tool (mm) 2.5
Power consumption (kW) 7.6
Air consumption (nL/h) 480 - 600
Weight (kg) 4200
Dimensions (l x p x h, mm)
5500 5500 2900

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