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Automatic vertical machine with 2 filling tools and 3 drills for the production of brooms, brushes and toilet brushes.

SMART V2 PLUS expands the brush production capabilities of the SMART V2 family. SMART V2 PLUS can produce all the brooms and brushes that can be produced on other SMART V2 versions and, in addition, offers a specific bridge for toilet brush manufacturing. The standard radial bridge is also available and compatible with other SMART V2 versions. SMART V2 PLUS has 5 axes of movement run by brushless servomotors. A double clamping system for increased output and a specific bridge for cylinder brush manufacturing are also available as added options.

Model SMART V2 Plus
Axes 5
Filling tools 2
Drills 3
Stroke (mm) 85
Speed (tufts/minute) 840
Max fiber length (mm) 300
Min fiber length (mm) 40
Max filling tool (mm) 7.5
Min filling tool (mm) 2.2
Power consumption (kW) 4.7
Air consumption (nL/h) 170
Weight (kg) 3300
Dimensions (l x p x h, mm)
2470 2960 2510  

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