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Automatic machine with 1 filling tool and 1 drill, designed for the production of grit brushes.

SHELL is designed to meet the challenge against the abrasive fiber and to guarantee a longer lifetime to the machine. In order to protect the machine from wear and tear caused by abrasive dust, SHELL is equipped with an hermetically sealed carriage, a wash-system of the filling tool and a custom-designed suction device.

  • Grit brush production capability.
  • Wash-system to minimize wear and tear (optional).
  • Single brush clamping system: quick change-over time.
Axes 5
Filling tools 1
Drills 1
Stroke (mm)
85 200    
Speed (tufts/min)
480 360    
Max fiber length (mm)
300 500    
Min fiber length (mm)
40 60    
Max filling tool (mm)
7.5 9.0    
Min filling tool (mm)
2.2 3.5    
Power consumption (kW) 2.8
Compressed air consumption (nL/h) 20
Weight (kg) 2200
Dimensions (l x p x h, mm)
2200 2400 2400  
Disc brushes
Max diameter (mm) 610
Maximum flare angle (degrees) 50°
Cylinder brushes
Maximum length (mm) 300
Maximum core diameter (mm) 80
Maximum filled core diameter (mm) 200
Maximum flare angle (degrees) 15°

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