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SHARPENER is the machine to sharpen the knives of the flagging heads for brooms and brushes.

The operator places the flagging knife in its holder, he approaches it to the abrasive belt and varying the degree of inclination he renovates the blade sharpening. The mechanical constraints ensure the correct positioning of the flagging knife, excluding errors on the part of the operator during the sharpening process. The machine is equipped with a system of air cooling for the blade, which at the same time helps to keep clean the belt. In addition, the machine is equipped with a caliper to check the maximum level of wear beyond which further sharpenings are not recommended.

SHARPENER ensures the same quality of sharpening as well as that performed directly by the manufacturer. 

Type flagging knives machine
Production up to 3-4 knives/min
Power consumption (kW) 1.5
Weight (kg) 200
Dimensions (l x w x h, mm)
800 2000 1600

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