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Automatic trimming machine for a flat brooms and brushesup to 900mm (36”) in length.

SHARP L is ideal for finishing of high volumes of brushes, in particular long and flat items. The machine is equipped with 6 clamps and works in a continuous cycle, giving an extraordinary high output of finished brushes. The operator manually loads the brushes. For a perfect finishing, each brush passes through 5 working stations: 1 clipper unit, 2 flagging heads, 1 rotary-blades trimmer and 1 beating station. Other tools and configurations are available as options. The SHARP L is complete with a dust suction unit to remove dust and waste material, keeping the machine clean.

Clamps 6
Tools 5
Production (pieces/h) 530 – (up to 400mm - double clamps) 280 – (up to 900 mm)
Max brush length (mm) 900
Power consumption (kW) 3.8
Air consumption (nL/h) -
Weight (kg) 1000
Dimensions (l x p x h, mm)
4500 1000 1700

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