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Computer controlled trimming and flagging machine for all kinds of brushes.

SHARP BLD is an extraordinarily versatile machine to finish brushes that can work in tandem with a high speed drilling-filling machine. The SHARP BLD has a small foot-print, allowing one operator to run both machines, hence completing the brush within a single work-cell. The SHARP BLD can trim common, yet unusual shapes, such as toilet brushes, cobweb dusters, Swedish style dish brushes, tank brushes, gong brushes, white wall tire brushes, grill brushes and more. In addition, SHARP BLD has 2 clamping units, 1 working and 1 loading/unloading, ensuring high productivity and very little operator time required to attend to the machine.


  • Fast to change-over thanks to the computer to recall brush programs easily.
  • Easy to use design and storage of trim shapes for brush models.
  • All motions of the machine are electronic (multi-axis) so that recall of brush designs, instantly sets trim lengths and shapes.
  • Modular design of brush holders for families of brushes with easy holder change-over.
Clamps 2 or 4
Workstations Rotary-blades trimming unit
Flagging head (optional)
Extra rotary-blades trimming unit (optional)
Power consumption (kW) 2.5
Air consumption (nL/min) 2000
Weight (kg) 950
Dimensions (l x w x h, mm) 2220 x 1660 x 2085

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