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Automatic trimming machine for flat brooms and brushesup to 900 mm (36”) inlength.

SHARP 2L is specifically designed for the finishing of push brooms and multi-level brushes.The machine is equipped with 2 clamping stations that carry simultaneously 2 (or 4 shorter) brushes. Loading and unloading are performed manually. The workstations consist of rotary-blade trimmers, flagging units, cleaners and beaters, available in different configurations according to the type of brush to be trimmed. Each brush passes in correspondence of each workstation 2 times (once in each direction of motion), ensuring uniform trimming and high degree of finishing over the entire surface of the brush.

Clamps 2
Workstations Depending upon the configuration
Output (pieces/h) 180 (up to 600 mm)
160 (up to 900 mm)
Max brush length (mm) 915
Power consumption (kW) 6.3
Air consumption (nL/h) 100
Weight (kg) 900
Dimensions (l x p x h, mm)
3200 1500 1000

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