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Automatic twisting machine for the production of closed end twisted brushes.

U TWIST is the ultimate solution for the production of twisted brushes with loop end or closed end. The machine consists of 2 working stations: one station carries out the first twisting while the other one does the fine twisting and finishing of the brush. Working simultaneously on 2 brushes at the same time, the 2 stations ensure a tremendous output of finished brushes.

  • Brush ends: round loop or loop with other shapes, closed end.
  • All types of fiber: synthetic, natural, metallic.
  • Metal wire or plastic coated wire.
  • Computer controlled rotating blade trimmer for different profiles.
  • Easy programming of new models and the fast set-up time make the machine extremely versatile and efficient.
Brush length (mm) 50...1000
Brush diameter (mm) 5...200
Loop diameter (mm) 5...40
Maximum fiber length (mm) 200
Minimum fiber length (mm) 30
Maximum wire diameter (mm) 2.5
Minimum wire diameter (mm) 1
Power consumption (kW) 15
Air consumption (nL/min) 150
Weight (kg) 3300
Dimensions (l x w x h, mm)
2000 4500 2100

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