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Automatic twisting machine for the production of twisted-in-wire brushes.

2TWIST is a family of twisting machines in continuous expansion. The core of the machine is the twisting unit, which is able to twist metal wire and plastic coated wire and deliver brushes filled with synthetic, natural or metal fibers

Besides the basic functions, 2TWIST machines offer several options to achieve higher levels of automation: an automatic fiber feeder leaves more time for the operator to perform other tasks, the continuous cutting unit increases the output of the machine, handle assembly and brush bending units can be integrated to deliver a finished bottle brush or duster brush or other types of brushes with handles, assembled at the end of the cycle.

  • Computer controlled rotating blade trimmer for different profiles.
  • Easy programming of new models and the fast set-up time make the 2TWIST extremely versatile and efficient.
  • Quick change over from one setup to another.
Maximum brush length (mm) 4000
Speed (meters/minute) 8.3
Maximum fiber length (mm) 200
Minimum fiber length (mm) 30
Maximum wire diameter (mm) 3.75
Minimum wire diameter (mm) 0.7
Power consumption (kW) 3
Compressed air consumption (nL/min) 2500 (5000 with continuous cutting)
Weight (kg) 1000
Dimensions (l x w x h, mm)
4600 2000x 2900

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