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Automatic vertical machine with 2 filling tools and 3 drills for the production of brooms and brushes.

SMART V2 BASIC is the entry level version of the SMART V2 line; it is ideal to start manufacturing brushes with a reduced investment. The machine features 6 clamping stations and works in continuous cycle, each clamping station can be equipped with double clamping system (optional) for higher productivity. SMART V2 BASIC can fill brushes up to 400mm in length with radial tufts. Specific equipment for upright filling up to 400mm in length and cylinder brush production are also available as added options.

Model SMART V2 Basic
Axes 4
Filling tools 2
Drills 3
Stroke (mm) 85
Speed (tufts/minute) 720
Max fiber length (mm) 300
Min fiber length (mm) 30
Max filling tool (mm) 7.5
Min filling tool (mm) 2.2
Power consumption (kW) 6.1
Air consumption (nL/h) 500
Weight (kg) 2100
Dimensions (l x p x h, mm)
2500 3000 2200  



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