Automatic twisting machine to produce cosmetic and interdental brushes.

OBERON is the latest technology to produce twisted-in-wire brushes for cosmetic, dental and medical applications.
The latest generation design of the machine guarantees easy access for operating and maintenance.
The brush production cycle is carried out on two turrets, where the first stages of the brush manufacturing take place on first turret and then the brush is transferred to the second turret for final operations including quality control with vision inspection camera. This makes OBERON the fastest machine in the world, for this brush segment.

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Technical Data

Finished Brush length (mm)
15 ÷ 50
Finished Brush diameter range (mm)
2 ÷ 25
Stem wire diameter range (mm)
0,25 ÷ 0,9
Production (brushes/min)
up to 100
Fiber length range (mm)
15 ÷ 30
Stem wire lenght range (mm)
28 ÷ 90
Power consumption (kW)
Air consumption (nL/min)
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (mm)
1500 x 1850 x 2200

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