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Automatic 3-station carrousel machine with 1 filling tool and 1 drill for the production of cylinder brushes.

PITAGORA ensures very high output featuring continuous cycle operations. The rotating carousel brings the brush throughout the 3 working stations: drilling, filling, trimming and loading/off-loading. The loading area provides also an electronically controlled trimming unit, capable of shaping the brushes according to different profiles. The machine may also be equipped for the production of disc brushes and lag brushes upon special request.

  • Incorporated computer controlled trimming unit.
  • 3-station carrousel machine: drilling; filling; trimming e loading/unloading.
  • Continuous production of cylinder brushes up to 1200mm in length.
Axes 4
Filling tools 1
Drills 1
Stations 3
Stroke (mm)
55 85    
Speed (tufts/min)
550 480    
Max fiber length (mm)
230 300    
Min fiber length (mm)
40 40    
Max filling tool (mm) 7.5
Min filling tool (mm) 2.2
Power consumption (kW) 7.2
Compressed air consumption (nL/h) 200
Weight (kg) 4500
Dimensions (l x p x h, mm)
5800 5500 2800  
Cylinder brushes
Max length (mm) 1200
Max core diameter (mm) 140
Max filled core diameter (mm) 320
Disc brushes
Max diameter (mm) 610
Maximum flare angle (degrees) 45°
Max width (mm) 200
Max length (mm) 1000

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