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The OVALE is a truly revolutionary machine in so many aspects: very universal with 5 axis CNC control, continuously drilling and filling for a higher output, a very quick and easy to fill handle feeding conveyor, electronic trimming by means of servomotors, and excellent accessibility for change-over and maintenance. The operator workspace is kept compact, with a well thought-out layout, which adds to the overall efficiency and safety of the machine.

  • Very high output: no index time on many brush models and high tufting speed of up to 1200 tufts per minute.
  • Numerically controlled, electronic trimming station ( no profiled trimming units or patterns required).
  • Universal handle feeder conveyor with orientation feature and automatic positioning available.
  • Available for brooms up to 62 cm, toilet brushes and dish brushes, with easy to change brush holders.
Axes 5
Filling tools 2
Drills 2
Stroke (mm)
95 65 35   
Speed (tufts/min)
550 600 600   
Max fiber length (mm)
280 160  70  
Min fiber length (mm)
40 40  20  
Max filling tool (mm) 7.3
Min filling tool (mm) 1.6
Power consumption (kW) 12
Compressed air consumption (nL/h) 400
Weigth (kg) 3000
Dimensions (l x p x h, mm)
7670 5425 2800

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