From Good to Great


After 2 years since the last 2015 workshop in Izegem, Belgium, the third sales meeting of the Boucherie Borghi Group sales team took place in the lovely hills around Bologna. In this wonderful location, three days of meetings, brainstorming and team building were organized to improve and strengthen the collaboration between the various members of the Group.


A day was spent on exchanging information from the market, remarkable trends in the brush industry and how the different parts of the world see the direction in which our industry is evolving. This is not necessarily the same for all parts of the world, which makes for interesting discussions, and challenges the Boucherie Borghi Group to come forward with solutions of many different kinds.


Of great interest was the intervention of Mr. Andrea Lipparini, Professor of Innovation Management at the University of Bologna, who explained how the synergy of all the individual ideas of the members of a group can be used to push a group “from good to great”.  Following a presentation, a brainstorming session took place under his guidance, where the various participants, divided into groups, expressed some ideas for improving collaboration and service in the future.


The Saturday session was closed with a team building session, The Marshmallow Challenge: build a tower, build a team. In 30 minutes time, the task is to build the tallest free-standing structure out of 20 sticks of spaghetti, 3 feet of tape, 3 feet of string and one marshmallow which must be on top. The Marshmallow Challenge taught us that prototyping, intermediate testing and iterating lead to the quickest success. It also shows that success is dependent upon close collaboration between team members.


It is said that in this lovely region of Emilia Romagna, the food and hospitality is unsurpassed. For sure, the visit to the winery of Tenuta Bonzara in the sunny Bolognese hills was enjoyed by all, with good wine, good food and time to enjoy good friendship.


We have learned a lot during these three days, but above all we have consolidated the bases of our tower to be able [in the future] to go from good to great!


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