We would like to announce that GB Boucherie of Belgium and Borghi Spa of Italy, after seven years of intense and positive cooperation within the Boucherie Borghi Group, have jointly agreed to continue their respective activities separately, as it used to be before the merger.
Although we will both run our businesses independently again, all customers and suppliers can be assured that this decision will not affect daily activities. Moreover, both companies will even continue to cooperate in certain fields and projects. We both believe that this choice will further strengthen the long-term position of our respective companies.
We would like to thank all employees and stakeholders who supported the Group during the the last 7 years and guarantee that both companies will continue their professional activities with the same enthusiasm and dedication as when they were together.
For those of you who would like to get more information about this decision, we remain at your disposal.

Bart Boucherie Jr.
GB Boucherie nv
Izegem, Belgium                                                                           

Paolo Roversi
Borghi Spa
Castelfranco Emilia, Italy


Unimac s.r.l. is pleased to announce that as of the end of August 2020 they official moved into their new location not far from their previous one. Unimac’s new address is:  via C. Colombo n. 9, Loc. Cavazzona 41013 Castelfranco Emilia Modena, Italy. The current facility is located in front of the headquarters of Borghi S.p.A. and includes a warehouse of approx. 1500 square meters.
Greater visibility for visitors is certainly one of the advantages of the new Unimac headquarters, but more importantly, it improves the logistical and structural aspects of Unimac. The new building is more functional, as the flow of goods and the exchange of information occur in a more efficient and dynamic layout.

The primary objective was to reorganize the offices in order to facilitate the work of all personnel. Workspaces affect and determine working practices as well as relationships, productivity and well-being of those who reside in the facility. The new building offers larger and brighter rooms. The new location will enhance technical assistance and customer service, thanks to an open space utilized by both mechanical and electronic designers which promotes cooperation and idea sharing, improving processes and synergies. These changes are the cornerstone of investing into the continual advancement of Unimac. We are dedicated to making changes that will benefit our technology development, to provide cutting-edge solutions for our customers.

Davide Ori, General Manager

Unimac s.r.l. takes another step forward in the company's momentum for growth and is ready to invite you to the new headquarters.

Come and visit us, you will be welcomed!

Via C. Colombo, 9
41013 Castelfranco Emilia (MO)
Telephone +39 059 93 26 64


The Boucherie Borghi Group is pleased to announce that a close partnership has been born thanks to the collaboration that has been ongoing for the past several years with the company CO.B.EM s.r.l., which has resulted in a partial acquisition of the Tuscan company by the Boucherie Borghi Group.

Cobem, based in Larciano, Tuscany - Italy, designs and builds machines for mop production. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Cobem is able to meet customer needs by offering a wide range of machines, from manually operated to fully automatic with high hourly productivity, paying particular attention to the components used and the quality of the finished products.

The President of Cobem, Piero Baldacci, states that "It is still important for us that our company maintains its identity, based on flexibility and absolute willingness to meet the needs of the customer, in order to continue the road taken and that has brought us to be the current Cobem”.

Paolo Roversi, President of Borghi S.p.A., said "We are confident that this new partnership will benefit both companies. Cobem's skillfulness and experience will enhance our offerings to mop manufacturers and our sales network will be ready to present the new opportunities the Boucherie Borghi Group offers regarding mop manufacturing technology.”

Glauco Generali, board member of the Boucherie Borghi Group, also added, “Both companies in this partnership will have opportunities for growth. The Boucherie Borghi Group will utilize the skills of the Cobem technicians to offer technical support service also for Borghi mop machines, also storing spare parts at Cobem, hence increasing our service levels for all our mop equipment."

For more information visit:


Unimac s.r.l., a well-known company designing and producing lines for manufacturing metal handles and building machinery and automation to produce power brushes, is proud to introduce their new General Manager, Mr. Davide Ori. After the acquisition of Unimac by the Boucherie Borghi Group, this step represents a natural transition, due to the Mr. Vanes Villani’s retirement who states, “I am proud to hand over the baton to Davide, I am sure that he will lead Unimac towards a path of growth. It is the natural course of events to leave space for the new generation".

Mr. Davide Ori has been active for almost 20 years in plastic extrusion industry, where part of his experience was President of Techno Plastic s.r.l. for five years then he joined Sima for three and a half years as Director of Sales and Technology had this to say, “I am honored to continue down the path that I have been learning from Mr. Vanes Villani and the other shareholders and partners of Unimac. I will bring my own experience to the job and look forward to the challenges of the future.”

The Boucherie Borghi Group is pleased to welcome Davide as part of the team. For more information about Unimac, please visit:

Equisol s.a.s. the representative agency of the Boucherie Borghi Group in Colombia celebrates 15 years of activity. Juan Esteban Velez, the managing director, presented a plaque to Maurizio Campedelli, Area sales manager of Borghi S.p.A., to acknowledge the close and solid collaboration between the company and the Colombian market. We hope that this partnership will continue for many years! Thank you Equisol sas.

The Boucherie Borghi Group is pleased to announce that Borghi Brasil acquired Tabuti Comércio de Máquinas and Vassouras Ltda. - EPP, a company of 17 employees, which since 1998 produces and sells brush filling and trimming machines serving the local market.

Thus, was born the Borghi Brasil Indústria and Comércio de Máquinas Ltda. inaugurating a new headquarters of 1300 m2 in which they design, produce and sell machines to serve the Brazilian brush industry market. "It is a great achievement and an important milestone, a path undertaken more than 30 years ago, when a commercial office was opened in Brazil, which later began to provide after-sales service and spare parts supply, to produce machinery for the broom and brush industry" states the President Mauricio Mazzoni. "Today, Borghi Brasil Indústria and Comércio de Máquinas is able to offer to Brazilian customers a complete service: from the design phase according to the Boucherie Borghi Group standards and know-how to the support from our technicians for the machinery".

The tangible result of this evolution and growth is the creation of a new filling machine for the Brazilian local market, the SMART V1, which will be launched and presented to the public for the first time at the Plastico Brasil fair (25-29 March 2019 - STAND A176). The SMART V1 is the result of the experience of Brazilian technicians in collaboration with the expertise of European colleagues both from Borghi and Boucherie. Further information and insights will be provided soon.



Borghi Brasil Indústria e Comércio de Máquinas Ltda

Av. Jaguaré, 818 – Galpão 26 – Jaguaré – São Paulo – SP – Cep. 05346-000

Fone: (011) 3768-9944

Cel.: (011) 98435-3336

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Boucherie Borghi Group acquires Unimac s.r.l.

As of the first of January 2019, the Boucherie Borghi Group acquired the complete shares of the company Unimac s.r.l. This purchase is the result of a close collaboration that has lasted for more than 10 years, during which important synergies have been created between the two companies.  

Located in Castelfranco Emilia (Modena) Italy, Unimac has been designing and producing lines for the manufacturing of metal handles since 1983. Unimac is also well known for designing and building machinery and automation for the production of power brushes.

The acquisition of Unimac by the Boucherie Borghi Group represents a physical and natural transition, where the Unimac products increase the range of technology offered by the Group.

We are therefore pleased to announce to all customers and suppliers that Unimac has become part of the Boucherie Borghi family. The aim is to continue to serve the global market by trying to offer always the best products and services possible.

The Group thanks the outgoing partners for the collaboration received during the years of working together.

On April 16th and 17th 2018 Borghi Brasil, a subsidiary of the Boucherie Borghi Group, opened its factory to all local customers. Although, Borghi Brasil has been active since January 2015, it had not yet officially presented its operational headquarters.

The event was then organized with the aim to show and get to know better the new plant, with completely renovated offices dedicated to the commercial area, a more extensive spare parts warehouse, a mechanical and an electronic laboratory for repairing and technical assistance. The staff is composed of highly skilled technicians, trained at the Borghi spa in Italy and with a minimum of 10 years of experience on all the machines sold in Brazil. Moreover, for the occasion, the filling machine STAR R32 was displayed and put into operation.

Many brush manufacturers attended the event and they were warmly welcomed, not only by the members of the Brazilian headquarters, but also by key figures working in the Borghi spa company in Italy, such as Enzo Ferrari, former President, Paolo Roversi, the current President, Glauco Generali, the Plant Manager and Maurizio Campedelli, the Sales Area Manager.

A special thanks goes to all the members of Borghi Brasil, in particular to the President, Mauricio Mazzoni, who has been working with Borghi spa for over 25 years, Zuleica Galietto - Assistant, Ricardo Budiski - Assistant, Dirceu Perrone - Technician and Leonardo Stefani - Technician. Without their efforts and their support this event would not have been possible.

Thanks to all our customers, for your attendance, trust and support.

Aware of its capabilities and coming challenges, Borghi Brasil looks to the future with enthusiasm and optimism, always keeping in mind the clear objective: to ensure the best customer satisfaction.

(From left: Maurizio Campedelli, Leonardo Stefani, Dirceu Perrone, Enzo Ferrari, Gianpaolo Roversi, Zuleica Galieto, Mauricio Mazzoni and Glauco Generali).

For more info, please contact:


Rua: Porteiro Peres, 91

Vila Leopoldina – São Paulo – SP

Cep. 05085-020

Tel: 011 3645-3626

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A few months ago, EQUISOL SAS, the representative agency of the Boucherie Borghi Group in Colombia, inaugurated its new headquarters.

The structure allows wider and better organized spaces and makes use of a large warehouse that allows an optimized management of the spare parts and machinery delivery. The logistics of Equisol sas has been developed to provide customers with very precise, specific and efficient delivery services.


The investment in the new premises also guarantees a technical assistance service that uses increasingly specialized personnel, who have been factory training in Italy at Borghi spa, to meet the needs of each customer with faster service.


"This move represents the next logical step in the reorganization of our group and a consequence of the positive growth strategy we have implemented. We aim to improve and grow every day in order to respond to the various needs of our diverse customers", says the General Manager of Equisol sas, Juan Esteban Velez. 


Equisol s.a.s.

Teléfono (574) 444 6169

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dirección Diagonal 43 No. 28 – 41. Bodega 104.

Unidad Industrial Marandúa






Sauro Fiorini and his office colleague, Antonia Latre, managed GHIRBO SL [the Spanish subsidiary of Borghi Spa] for 33 years. Now that the time has come for them to retire, we wish to express our heartfelt thanks for their collaboration, support and professionalism demonstrated for so many years, firstly towards the Borghi company and then also to the Boucherie Borghi Group. 

The story of Ghirbo dates back to 1984, when, after years of presence of Borghi machinery in the Spanish market, Borghi needed to open a company branch in Spain.  This branch was needed to provide support to customers of the Iberian Peninsula and also because Spain represented a crucial trade-connection with Central and South America.

Enzo Ferrari, as president of Borghi, together with Sauro Fiorini, as sales manager of Ghirbo [Sauro lived in Barcelona and also managed a factory for the production of plastic fibers], founded Ghirbo s.l. in Barcelona which was the first foreign subsidiary for Borghi. The name comes from the anagram of the word Borghi.

Ghirbo s.l. will continue to be operative with a new General Manager, Mr. Javier Diéguez, and the active participation of some key figures of Borghi s.p.a. The new team members for Ghirbo are:

  • Paolo Roversi: President
  • Maurizio Campedelli: Sales Director
  • Javier Diéguez: General Manager
  • Liberto Crespo: Technical Director
  • Luis Velázquez: Logistics Manager
  • Valentin González: Technician

Please join us in wishing Sauro and Antonia a happy retirement as well as a warm welcome to Javier and best wishes to everyone at team GHIRBO!


In order to strengthen its activities on the European market, especially in central and eastern region, Borghi agreed with the historical partners of ANA Biuro Handlowe, to evolve their presence incorporating a new company: Borghi Polska.

Borghi Polska will continue its activities in Poland, and it will be developed a service center for the area, in order to constantly improve the support to the growing number of customers in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Ukraine.

“I am very proud of being part of this new Team. This new adventure will multiply my energies towards the market” said Mateusz Radzki, President of Borghi Polska.

“It is the natural continuation of the activities, that my parents Malgorzata and Pawel Zawadzcy started in 1991, which I am honored to continue” added Anna Zawadzka-Wilk, Vice-President of Borghi Polska.


from left: Mateusz Radzki - Borghi Polska President, Paolo Roversi – Borghi President, Anna Zawadzka-Wilk Borghi Polska Vice-President, Pawel Zawadzki ANA BH


From Good to Great


After 2 years since the last 2015 workshop in Izegem, Belgium, the third sales meeting of the Boucherie Borghi Group sales team took place in the lovely hills around Bologna. In this wonderful location, three days of meetings, brainstorming and team building were organized to improve and strengthen the collaboration between the various members of the Group.


A day was spent on exchanging information from the market, remarkable trends in the brush industry and how the different parts of the world see the direction in which our industry is evolving. This is not necessarily the same for all parts of the world, which makes for interesting discussions, and challenges the Boucherie Borghi Group to come forward with solutions of many different kinds.


Of great interest was the intervention of Mr. Andrea Lipparini, Professor of Innovation Management at the University of Bologna, who explained how the synergy of all the individual ideas of the members of a group can be used to push a group “from good to great”.  Following a presentation, a brainstorming session took place under his guidance, where the various participants, divided into groups, expressed some ideas for improving collaboration and service in the future.


The Saturday session was closed with a team building session, The Marshmallow Challenge: build a tower, build a team. In 30 minutes time, the task is to build the tallest free-standing structure out of 20 sticks of spaghetti, 3 feet of tape, 3 feet of string and one marshmallow which must be on top. The Marshmallow Challenge taught us that prototyping, intermediate testing and iterating lead to the quickest success. It also shows that success is dependent upon close collaboration between team members.


It is said that in this lovely region of Emilia Romagna, the food and hospitality is unsurpassed. For sure, the visit to the winery of Tenuta Bonzara in the sunny Bolognese hills was enjoyed by all, with good wine, good food and time to enjoy good friendship.


We have learned a lot during these three days, but above all we have consolidated the bases of our tower to be able [in the future] to go from good to great!


In April 2017 construction began at Borghi USA to add more office space for the ever growing customer service department as well as a dedicated laboratory for quality control equipment and electronics programming and testing capabilities. 
Borghi USA’s investment is a further commitment, ensuring that there is ample personnel and equipment to meet the growing needs of customers, providing them with unrivaled, world-class service for their brush manufacturing requirements. Construction is scheduled to be completed by mid-June 2017.

Borghi S.p.A., a leading manufacturing company for brush technologies and partner in the Boucherie Borghi Group, is proud to introduce Borghi’s new President, Mr. Paolo Roversi.  This is a further step, started years ago, when the founders of the Company introduced a generational transition in the management of Borghi.  Mr. Roversi, who has been active almost 30 years in the Brush Industry said, ”I am honored to continue down the path that I have learned from Mr. Enzo Ferrari and the other partners, all these years.  Having been active for quite some time in the Industry, I also bring my own experience to the job and look forward to the challenges of the future.”

Mr. Ferrari will continue his activities at Borghi SpA as well as in the Boucherie Borghi Group as a Board Member.  Mr. Ferrari also added, ”There will not be any major changes.  Paolo and I have been working together a long time, as we will continue to do so in the coming years.  We are just exchanging positions as a natural evolution of a scheduled process.”

Borghi’s focus has always been and will continue to be, in providing world-class, cutting-edge technology and manufacturing solutions to the Brush Industry.



Borghi USA of Aberdeen, Maryland is proud to welcome a new member to their team this year. Miguel Medrano is a student pursuing a business degree at Towson University while working fulltime at Borghi USA, working in the customer service department with spare parts support.

Miguel has manufacturing experience from prior employment and hopes to complete his studies next year, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration on International Business. Miguel’s skill set will allow him to grow and become an important team member at Borghi USA. Please be sure to welcome Miguel should you speak with him when calling on Borghi USA. 


PTt technology winner of Innovation Award 2016 at the 58th FEIBP Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The success of the FEIBP Congress seems to grow every year. This year again, there were many participants, including a very significant American delegation from the ABMA. For the yearly Innovation Award, voted by all delegates at the end of the congress, there were 3 candidates. The Boucherie Borghi Group presented the recently introduced PTt brush making technology, which is currently available for the production of toothbrushes. The presentation was well received, and the interest of the delegates was remarkable. When the results of the voting were announced on the Friday, we were happy and proud to have won this prestigious award. We thank all the people who supported us, who voted for us, and who have shown this high level of interest. In the picture: Mr. Paolo Roversi and Mr. Kris Geldof during the handing out of the prize by Mr. Thorsten Stollberg, President of the FEIBP.  

In early October this year, the Boucherie Borghi Group sales meeting took place in Izegem (Belgium).

After extensive preparation of the presentations during the months that preceded, fifty participants from all over the world came to Belgium to attend the meeting: agents and people from subsidiaries in Latin America, the United States, Europe, Middle East, Asia and from the two main headquarters in Belgium and Italy were there to exchange ideas and experiences, and to listen to the plans for the future.

This was the first sales meeting since the one in Rimini in May 2014, just a few days after the merger of Boucherie and Borghi. The year and a half since then has been a time of close cooperation. Once the process of getting to know each other better was well under way, progress has been made in many fields, and the participants were shown the results that meanwhile are visible. During three busy days, the participants had the chance to renew and strengthen the bonds of cooperation, to get to know each other better, and to get a better understanding of the differences and similarities in the brush industry in the different parts of the world.

Everyone agreed that we should keep on developing our strengths: the Boucherie Borghi Group is focused on bringing the best technology to their customers. The BBG sales network offers tailor-made solutions and service to BBG customers all over the world. Native speakers with attention for the local culture and traditions, as well as short lines of communication make for a strong bond between supplier and customer.

With the INTERBRUSH show in the spring of next year, it is to be expected that some new and enhanced technology will be presented. The tradition of being the cutting edge technology provider for the industry will certainly be respected!

The closing words of thanks of the respective Presidents Bart Boucherie Jr. and Enzo Ferrari were very warm, “It is a pleasure to see you all gathered here under one roof, close to each other and so well-motivated”, said the President of Borghi spa. Bart Boucherie Jr added, "If we look back, we realize what we have already done together and how strong the driving force is to do even more, thanks to all of you."

The last day ended with a toast and a warm applause for all members and employees of the Group, proud of the accomplishments and eagerly looking forward to the future, ready to give more to the Group, and to invest more of themselves to the industry.

May last year saw the advent of the Boucherie-Borghi Group, much to the surprise of everyone in our industry. The first anniversary of the merger meanwhile being a fact, we thought it was a good opportunity to try to get a feeling for what the merger meant both in Italy and Belgium and to talk to both Enzo Ferrari and Bart Boucherie jr.

The announcement of the merger was certainly “breaking news” for the market. But how was the merger perceived internally?

Enzo: The answer can be very short and clear: as fantastic news. I believe Bart will agree. Right from the beginning we saw a great enthusiasm on the floor. People were eager to get to know their new colleagues, they were interested in who was working on what and –of course- interested in how! The pride about our technologies and our performance is very high and is an excellent motivator for the integration. The timing of the merger, two years before the Freiburg Show in 2016, was ideal to immediately start with some common projects.

Bart: Yes, and to satisfy this curiosity and to stimulate cooperation on both sides, we started organizing workshops, alternatingly in Italy and in Flanders where our teams could meet to share information e.g. on projects they are each working on. As such, our technical teams get together on a regular basis to brainstorm together on a certain technical issue or on a method of working, and very similarly so do our sales and purchasing people etc.

Another surprise, was the agreement with the start-up company V-Air. Why this step, while you are probably still in an integration modus for the big merger?

Bart: We can only repeat that the integration of Boucherie-Borghi has been very smooth and has become an automatic process, based on mutual respect. There simply is respect: for each other’s products, performance and especially people. So the merger on itself is of course no barrier for further development. We meanwhile know that joining forces can give a boost, creates a special dynamic and synergy

that we have to take advantage of, and that’s why we are open to good projects. V-Air has a very promising technology in the field of anchorless toothbrushes, and although the company itself may be a start-up company, the people behind it have a lot of experience in their field.

Bart Boucherie jr. (left) and Enzo Ferrari (right) in the Boucherie assembly hall

The purpose is not only to integrate the V-Air products in the Boucherie-Borghi sales and service network but very much to further develop V-Air’s technology and –together with our R&D people- bring it to new heights.

Mergers are mostly the announcement of big reorganizations. How far are you in that process?

Enzo: If you refer to re-organizations in terms of downsizing, de-localizing or other big movements, these were of course never on the agenda. On the contrary, we have seen a substantial increase in turnover in most all our departments and neither Boucherie nor Borghi had any problems keeping its teams on board. The only challenge we had, was the administrative and legal roll-out of the merger, but as we all know, such things can’t be forced.

Some changes in the way Boucherie-Borghi handles sales and service around the world have become obvious to the customers. Any changes inside the Boucherie and Borghi sites themselves you want to comment on?

Enzo: Well, as Bart already indicated we have now established intense and frequent contact and information exchange procedures between our two sites.

The Board members of the Boucherie-Borghi Group (from left to right): Enzo Ferrari, Bart Boucherie jr., Dirk Clarysse and Paolo Roversi

The installation of professional video-conferencing systems at both locations has helped a great deal in realizing this. In a similar fashion a unification program has been started in view of a common CAD and PLM platform in the near future.

Bart: In Izegem we continued to invest in our machining area. We are just adding some machining centers to our production as well as installing special robotics on our milling machines. Similarly some of our measuring and EDM equipment is being replaced with latest technology types. Most visible perhaps will be the completion by the end of this year of our new conference and reception area at the Ambachtenstraat assembly facility.

Last year, Bart, you promised to learn Italian. Well Enzo, what’s Bart’s score for Italian?

Enzo: I think that Bart has not been a really good student so far, although he knows already all the words I wished he wouldn’t. His knowledge of Italian food and the Italian wines has improved a lot… But what I do hold for very important is that we have been able to develop a very amicable, family style way of working together. Whether this is expressed in Flemish, English or Italian, does not really matter to us. In the frequent meetings we have with one another, we experience a good atmosphere which has become very obvious for everyone in our organizations. In fact, we see the same holding true on most all levels in our companies.

Anything you want to share about the upcoming Interbrush Show in April 2016?

Enzo: Of course, this show will be the first one in which we jointly participate and I know expectations are high. You see, Boucherie and Borghi will be there together but each with the teams and people our customers have been used to for many, many years. Both Borghi and Boucherie customers should be feeling “at home” in our booth as they did before our merger. There will be “Boucherie” things and there will be “Borghi” things. We each have our heritage of which we are both very proud. There is no need for an Italian wine that tastes like Belgian beer or vice versa. There is no need for Castelfranco tortellini with Belgian endives or –heaven forbid!- Brussels sprouts.

But, on the other hand, of course, when top-chefs work together for a few years, new dishes are created. I am convinced that our customers will be very surprised to see some of the projects our “chefs” have been working on together. What do you think, Bart? Did I say too much? Do you want to add anything?

Bart: Not really, except that I do like sprouts. Seriously, I agree with Enzo. Customers will see “Boucherie” and they will see “Borghi”, but they will definitely see “Boucherie + Borghi”.

After one year of being together what would be the most important advice you would give to any other business people who are considering a merger?

Enzo and Bart: Have respect for one another!



As of May 8th 2015, the V-Air company of Todtnau, Germany, joined the Boucherie-Borghi Group.

V-Air Maschinenbau GmbH was founded in 2013 and specializes in tuft picking systems based on vacuum technology for use in eg. anchorless toothbrush equipment. Included in the V-Air productline are currently machines for anchorless filling and fusing of tufts in toothbrush-headplates, as well as pre-endrounding and cutting machinery for toothbrush filaments. The machinery of V-Air is characterized by utmost ease of operation and maintenance, combined with a high output. The V-Air team consists of highly qualified engineers with many years of experience in this particular area of brushmaking technology.

With the addition of the expertise and capabilities of V-Air, the program of the Boucherie-Borghi Group is further extended, now offering a most complete range of anchorless as well as conventional machinery for the brush and toothbrush industry.

V-Air managing director, Mr. Christoph Schubnell is very pleased to announce this major step for his company: “This is a wonderful opportunity for us to further develop the technology already available within our company. The engineering power of the Boucherie-Borghi Group is impressive, and now it is also much easier to reach customers world-wide with the sales and service network of the Group. We are very happy and proud to be a part of this. Right from our first contacts we were impressed with the enthusiasm, energy and teamwork spirit within the Boucherie-Borghi Group and we look forward to intensively cooperate with our new partners.”

Bart Boucherie Jr: “We very much welcome the V-Air “Mannschaft” in our Group and are happy to now have access to the V-Air technology. It complements our AFT and AMR anchorless technologies very well, and the combined experience of people of both companies can give a boost to engineering solutions and developments in the future. We are a technology company and our place is at the cutting edge of things. V-Air fits-in perfectly with this vision”.

“This is a new milestone for our Group”, adds Borghi’s President Enzo Ferrari. “With V-Air, we have another company with advanced technology joining our Group, with new approaches and new ideas. With Boucherie as the biggest and most experienced supplier of anchorless brushmaking machinery and V-Air with its different approach to anchorless technology now together under one umbrella, we foresee that more anchorless brushmaking machinery will reach the market and brushmakers worldwide. Our sales and customer support network is there to back up this expected growth.”    

After 25 years of partnership on the brush industry market, the companies Mauricio Mazzoni EPP and Borghi Spa founded the "Borghi Brasil Comercial de Peças e Acessorios para Máquinas Ltda" with the aim to offer the highest level of service to all Brazilian manufacturers of brooms and brushes.  

The long experience in the field of the Maurizio Mazzoni EPP company started with the representation of OSMAS 3 and still continues, since 2004, with Borghi Spa, ensuring high level of technical expertise in the whole range of machines produced and sold in Brazil during these years with the brands Borghi, OSMAS, MASS, Techno Plastic and UNIMAC. With the recent partnership of Borghi and Boucherie, resulting in the formation of the Boucherie Borghi Group, this widens even further the range of  solutions with which Borghi Brasil will be able to serve the market: from the machines for the production of household items to those for industrial brushes, from injection molds to the machines for toothbrushes, and extrusion lines for monofilaments to lines for the production of broom handles.

The goal of Borghi Brasil, which officially started its activities in January 2015, is to offer, in addition to the 250 machines currently working in Brazil and the new ones that there will be, a fast and affordable technical support and to ensure mechanical and electronic spare parts always available, thanks to the increase of the current stock. The offices have been completely renovated, increasing the commercial area and creating a large space both for the maintenance service and customer care. The staff is formed by highly skilled technicians, trained at the headquarters of Borghi SpA in Italy and with at least 10 years of experience on all machines sold in Brazil.

Aware of its capabilities and coming challenges, Borghi Brasil looks to the future with enthusiasm and optimism, always keeping in mind the clear objective: to ensure the best customer satisfaction.

Pictured from left: Dirceu Perrone, Mauricio Mazzoni, Zuleica Galietto and Ricardo Budiski.

Borghi Brasil Comercial de Peças e Acessorios para Máquinas Ltda

Rua: Porteiro Peres, 91

Vila Leopoldina – São Paulo – SP – Cep. 05085-020

Tel.: 011 3645-3626

Fax.: 011 3645-4538

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Even Borghi SpA, after having received the nomination, has taken up the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE and has therefore contributed to raising funds in support of ALS research.


Watch the video and find out who has been nominated!


The beginning of May saw the advent of the Boucherie-Borghi Group, bringing together two of the world’s major manufacturers of brush-making equipment.  Reason enough to talk to Bart Boucherie Jr., president of the Boucherie Company in Belgium, and Enzo Ferrari, president of the Borghi Company in Italy.

The announcement of the merger of both your companies was certainly a historical event of grand scale for our industry. What prompted the start of the discussions that finally led to both of you joining forces and who approached whom?

Enzo:  This is not at all the result of big strategic studies prepared by some consultant, but rather the result of some reflections of two colleagues who, in their hearts and their thoughts, do like to build machinery for their customers in the brush industry. And these reflections led to the conclusion that a smart combination of both our entities creates tremendous potential for both our companies, our employees and of course our customers.  To be frank, after the very first meeting Bart and I knew we wanted to do this.  And if you ask me why, well, the answer is: “Because we want this”. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for both of us.

What is the structure of the merger and who are the shareholders that have a stake in the new company?

Bart: This is not a very complex merger. In fact, it is very easy: the basic principle is equality amongst partners. Both the Belgian and Italian entities of our Group have the same shareholders. To be honest, the legal structure of the Group was one of the smaller issues in the total scope of events.  Most of our time we spent talking about machines and especially about new developments.

What do you hope to accomplish with this merger?

Bart: We want to combine the 150 years of experience we together have in this industry, into one company, with all 420 employees and to the advantage of all our stakeholders.

Will any of the operations at either location be shut down? Will you consolidate any positions?

Enzo: We look for opportunities, not for disruptive situations.  Both of our companies have their own strengths. We want to learn from each other and concentrate on the best of both worlds. The aim is not to close or shut down things. Of course we will look how and where we can improve our organization, but always keeping very strong focus on our customers.Also, we are very happy to be able to start this new era of cooperation with well filled order books both in Italy as well as in Belgium, which allows us to focus our energy on what’s important.

Do you see potential for growth from the merger?

Enzo: We are active in a niche-market and that market is tough. Growing in such a situation is a challenge. That is why, in fact, this will be one of the most important and first topics we will concentrate on together.

How do the entities intend to work together?

Bart: It is obvious we will each keep our strengths and specialisms as they are. Each entity will keep its own identity and will keep using its own name, but always with a link to the Boucherie-Borghi Group, to which we both belong.

What about the language barriers?

Bart: This is indeed a challenge. But at the other hand, we see a lot of companies doing business in the Far East where language barriers of a much greater magnitude exist and still they are very successful. Nobody complains about these language issues. Anyway, I believe this will be a short term issue when I see that some of our people already have installed language courses on their iPads. And after all, all our people speak the language of the brush-maker and that is a universal language!

I have to admit that after one or the other meeting, I promised Enzo that I was going to take a crash-course in Italian. I am afraid he may hold me to that. (smiles)

How will you overcome the fact that just yesterday you were still competitors?

Enzo: Well, let me first of all say that we both share a feeling of deep respect for each other’s company and for each other as a person. Respect is a key factor in making this kind of operation a success. But, yes, in in the past, we were indeed using our energy to compete against each other. From now on, we will use our combined energy to better satisfy our customers’ needs.

Bart: Yes, there is mutual respect.  One big advantage is also that there is really less overlapping between our machine-programs than one would think. On the contrary, our machinery lines are very complementarity.

How will your customers see this merger?

Bart: It is up to us to keep convincing our customers that we are here to serve them, as we both have done in the past. Customer focus is very high on our agenda and our permanent concern to meet our customers’ expectations is one of the reasons behind this decision. We are convinced that we can do that in a better way by joining efforts.

Is there anything else you would like to say about the merger?

Enzo: People may speculateas towho is in control of this merger and we wish to inform them this is truly a partnershipbased on equality between Boucherie and Borghi. Bart and I and our teams will be in constant communication working together for the benefit of the Group and our customers. Our customers will continue to contact the same people and our teams will be working together to make sure that our customers’ best interests are served.

Bart: This is a very big step for both our companies and for all stakeholders in and around both our companies. But, as we say in Flemish, sometimes in life a train stops in the railroad station unexpectedly and then you can either jump on it or not!

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