Borghi SpA’s Innovation of “e-STROKE with KERS” was picked as the winner of the 2014 American Brush Manufacturers Innovation Excellence Award by the attendees during the ABMA’s annual convention that was held this year in Rancho Mirage, California.  With over 230 people in attendance and 94 different companies represented, the ABMA convention was a great success.

Borghi has been a member of the ABMA since 1984, so this is Borghi SpA’s 30TH Anniversary as member of the ABMA and this year also marks Borghi’s first ever Innovation Award Submission which took home “The Willie”!  The ABMA William A. Cordes Innovation Excellence Award is given to recognize outstanding innovation in any manufactured product, component or service in the brush industry in any given year. Submitted entries are to be showcased during the ABMA Annual Convention.  The award is named after William Cordes, who served as the Association's first President from 1917-1928 (hence the nickname, “The Willie”). This award serves as a constant reminder that all new and exciting endeavors have beginnings that connect with real people.

Borghi’s “e-STROKE” is short for “Electronic Stroke” and “KERS” is the acronym for Kinetic Energy Recovery System.  Borghi has produced a staple-set brush machine that uses motors to move the filling tool motions instead of a cam-shaft.  So, now one staple-set brush machine with e-STROKE can run at the highest speeds possible, by stroking only the distance required for a given fiber length in a brush.  This means that one machine can be speed efficient in a wide range of fiber lengths!  But that’s not all that is revolutionary about this innovation. Because of the increased use of electric motors, Borghi wished to conserve energy for this design, so they incorporated “KERS”. In Borghi’s design, the motors that are braking give off energy which is recovered and that energy is then fed to the motors that are turning. The system feeds itself the electrical energy that it produces. The KERS system saves 40% of the total energy consumption of a traditional brush machine that would use one motor with cams, hence the e-STROKE technology is also an energy saver therefore it is a “Green Technology”.

Borghi SpA is proud of this achievement and would like to thank everyone for their recognition as Borghi strives to provide the Brush Industry with meaningful innovations to help Borghi’s customers prosper via constant improvement of manufacturing technology.


For more information on Borghi’s e-STROKE with KERS, please visit: JUPITER e-STROKE

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