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Automatic machine for the assembly of “closed loop” cotton mops.

LOOP is capable of manufacturing mops that have closed loop strands, instead of the common cut-end cotton strand mops. LOOP is fed by cotton yarn strands (or similar materials), positioned on a special rack holding 10 spools (optional). The machine winds the strands forming loops and then puts them together forming a hank. Then it assembles the cotton hank with the socket and staple in the middle of the hank, in order to form the finished mop. The socket and staple loading units can be fed manually (LOOP1) or automatically (LOOP2).



 Model LOOP  
Type mop machine        
Maximum loop length (mm) 800  
Output (mops/h) 350 LOOP 1
370 LOOP 2
Power consumption 1.2  
Weight (kg) 850  
Dimensions (l x w x h, mm)  1600x1200x2500  








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