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Borghi is able to follow all the necessary phases to realize your moulds. From the study of the design, performed with the professionalism of our technicians, all working with the most modern technologies of the integrated 3D modeler of solid and surfaces, Borghi is able to realize your project with the experience of a team coming from the mould-making sector.

The prototype is developed through the project made with our our blow mould technology respecting the specifications of the customer's injection machine. Based on this project, a solid development is realized to get the first impression of the final product. The finishing of the mould is a key choice and Borghi is able to offer the most suitable solution that puts on top of the list the expectations of the customer. In this way the customer's project becomes real with all the desired characteristics. The final phase allows the customer to verify the quality of the product. During the test several samples are performed with different parameters.


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