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Automatic machine with 1 filling tool and 1 drill for the production of disc brushes with synthetic fiber and metal flat wire.

GULLIVER HD is the most reliable way to manufacture very big disc brushes up to 950 mm diameter combining synthetic fiber and metal flat wire. The machine is equipped with 2 feeding systems: 1 fiber stock box for the synthetic filament and 1 spool-feed with single or double spool of flat wire.

Axes 4
Filling tools 1
Drills 1
Stroke (mm)
Fiber length (mm)
700 (synthetic)
300....660 (flat wire)
Disc maximum diameter (mm) 950
Speed (tufts/min) 250
Number of flat wires
1 3  
Flat wire size
2.1 X 0.5 3.3 X 0.6  
Max filling tool (mm) 12.0
Power consumption (kW) 8
Air consumption (nL/min) 300
Weight (kg) 5500
Dimensions (l x p x h, mm)
6400 5000 3200  
Cylinder brushes
Max length (mm) 4000
Min core diameter (mm) 50
Max core diameter (mm) 400
Max filled core diameter (mm) 900
Disc brushes
Max diameter (mm) 900
Maximum flare angle (degrees) 50°
Max width (mm) 200
Max length (mm) 2000

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