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DRP1 is a dosing and filling machine for paint brushes in synthetic or natural fiber.

DRP1 has 2 stations for filling pre-drilled blocks, each of which has 1 filling head and 2 warehouses for automatic feeding of the tufts. The pre-drilled blocks are moved by carriage via a 2 electronically programmable axes. Once it is filled with the tufts, the base is used to glue the tufts themselves on the supports of the brush.

The machine is equipped with aspirator to remove residues from processing.

Model DRP1
Type Machine for paint brushes
Axes 2
Speed (tufts/min) 200
Max fiber length (mm) 100
Min fiber length (mm) 60
Max width block (mm) 100
Max length block (mm) 300
Max hole diameter (mm) 5.2
Min hole diameter (mm) 4.9
Installed power (kW) 4
Air consumption (nL/h) 12000
Compressed air pressure (bar) 7
Weight (kg) 600
Dimensions (l x p x h, mm)
2400 1800 2300

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