Discover GEMINI

GEMINI – 1 machine, 2 ways of making brushes GEMINI is the best value among versatility, productivity, and price for the manufacturing of technical and industrial brush blocks. GEMINI is equipped with a double brush clamping system for simultaneous drilling and filling. As an added option, the machine can be setup with a single brush holder for manufacturing larger products and minimizing change-over time (drill first; fill second). Both capabilities are available on the same machine. GEMINI is yet another new machine from the Boucherie Borghi Group offering e-STROKE technology (H version for larger fiber) that provides huge productivity and flexibility advantages. The e-STROKE allows to adjust the filling tool stroke, maximizing production speed (RPM) based upon fiber length in the brush. High Output : the double-brush clamp set-up allows for simultaneous drilling and filling. High Efficiency : the e-STROKE filling head ensures ideal and quick set-up for different fiber lengths. Large Brushes : the single-brush setup allows for manufacturing 1 large brush, using the same equipment. Discover GEMINI.