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BR 32 is an automatic horizontal filling machine for the production of brooms and brushes. Work cycle performed on three stations simultaneously: drilling, filling, loading and off-loading. It is equipped with 2 drills and 2 filling tools of 4 mm, wire 0.80 mm. Stroke 85 mm to work fiber with lengths up to 300 mm. BR 32 is available with 3 axes and can have a radial carriage to produce brooms and brushes. The photo of the machine is purely indicative and corresponds to one of the sold several versions of the same machine.

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Model BR 32
Tipo Filling machine – Household
Speed (tufts/min)  up to 900
Installed power (kW) 12
Compressed air pressure (bar) 7
Dimensions (l x p x h, mm) 2650x2100x2250
Weigth (kg) 3000


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