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Fully automatic machine mod. BR2 B for the production of toilet brushes, performing the following operations: block-loading, drilling, filling and finishing. Four work stations which operate simultaneously and which are able to handle two pieces per station. The machine uses a rotary or “turret” system to move the parts from one station to another and automatically ejects the finished products onto a conveyor belt which moves the brushes out and away from the machine. The carriage movements during the drilling and filling phase of production are achieved via four (or four upon request) axes of movement that are electronically driven by servo-motors.

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Model BR2 B
Type Filling machine – Household
Speed (tufts/min)  900
Installed power (kW) 16
Compressed air pressure (bar) 7
Dimensions (l x p x h, mm) 4500X5500X2890
Weigth (kg) 4200


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