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BR 31 is an automatic turret style filling machine with 3 stations and 3 carriages for the production of small brushes.

BR 31 can produce models with different filling angles, such as radial or parallel, featuring the possibility to tuft both sides of the block. The working cycle is simultaneously performed on 3 stations: drilling, filling, loading and off-loading. Each station works one brush per cycle that is moved by a turret system.

Universal electronic wire feed system for both staple-wire and anchor-wire is managed by an electronic brushless servomotor. BR 31 can be equipped with an automatic loading/unloading system the product and, instead of the drill, a trimming unit for finishing pre-drilled brushes.

Model BR31
Type Brush making machine - Household
Axes 3
Filling tools 1
Drills 1
Cycle Continuous
Stroke (mm)
Speed (tufts/min)
Max fiber length (mm)
Min fiber length (mm)
Max filling tool (mm) 4.0
Min filling tool (mm) 2.0
Installed power (kW) 16
Compressed air consumption (nL/h) 400
Compressed air pressure (bar) 7
Weight (kg) 2000
Dimensions (l x p x h, mm)
2500 2200 2000

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