More than just a product

Automation & Assembly

The AUTOMATION & ASSEMBLY division of Borghi designs and manufactures turnkey machinery for assembling and handling of components related to the following industries: Writing Instruments, Cosmetic, Medical single-use items, Special products.



Connectors, transducers, filters, and valves produced using different assembly technologies: interlocking, gluing, welding, etc. Machines are equipped with quality control systems to verify production is made to product specifications.


Filling, dispensing, assembly and handling mascara, lipstick, and eyeliner production. Each product type is studied for the proper solution to meet the needs to achieve a quality end result.


Screwdriver, brush, writing tools are assembled with the most suitable solutions. Product packing is also available as an additional process.

High-volume production

Machinery and production lines are capable of producing millions of units per year such as single-use swabs for medical and genetic tests. The equipment is designed for sterile operations that comply with white room standards.

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