Knowing our job, performing it with passion. This is how to achieve credibility. By gaining and keeping the trust of the customers and the respect of colleagues and partners. Pursuing excellence, by improving and innovating. Always.


Anticipating change. Looking for new solutions. Believing in our own choices. This is our idea of courage. Living the change as a key of success and face every situation with responsibility.


Paying attention to the market’s demands, attention to customers’ needs, attention to each and every design and operational detail. Paying attention to what those who work in the group ask, attention to the well-being of our employees, attention to their health and safety.


We believe in the power of cooperation. We know that together we can go farther. Company, employees, customers and suppliers, we are all part of one big team, to which we participate with honesty, transparency and enthusiasm.


To create innovation it takes the energy of passion. The technology for everyone. A shared company vision, which moves everyone towards one great goal.

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