What is myBorghi?

myBorghi is sharing, collaboration, assistance and experience.

Put more simply, myBorghi are the people of Borghi that make available customer's own know-how, the result of years of experience in the industry, through a continued and constructive dialogue.

Being part of myBorghi, you embark on a journey that brings you into the home of Borghi. You live and work side-by-side with myBorghi as a member of the Family.

Working together, you improve the solutions to meet your own needs in the best way possible.

When people within a company work together towards a common goal to make the customer happy, they must put at the forefront, two things: Listening and Understanding.

For myBorghi Team, meeting with, listening to, and getting to know the customer is what stimulates innovation. From this continuous and healthy dialog with the customer, myBorghi Team works daily to generate new ideas and then develop them to come to life.


Providing Solutions for the brush Industry is Borghi’s mission.

Find your solution and ask information to myBorghi!

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